Best Tips to Make Your Bridal Prep Look Stunning!

It’s the most important day of your life. You spent hours making sure every curl is perfectly in place and that your makeup is just right only to get your video and photos back where you have a green tinge to your face, a pile of your bridesmaids’ bags, shoes, and bras littering the room, or a Sunday School chart behind you as you put your gorgeous dress on. Every bride deserves flattering imagery. Here are some tips to make sure your photos and video of you getting ready to turn out exactly the way you imagined it!

  1. LIGHTING!!!

When considering where you (and your groom) will each be getting ready, think about the lighting. The most flattering lighting is generally natural lighting. No matter where you will be (church, hotel, home) find a spot with plenty of room that has a lot of natural lighting pouring in. We suggest to our brides to have the hair/makeup artist set up about 5 -10 feet in front of a window with the bride facing out. Makeup artists almost always love this lighting as they work! Just make sure there is enough room for everyone to move around and get the shots they need.

Another thing we like to do is to turn off the rest of the lights in the room. Fluorescents give a green tinge, and incandescent lights give an orange-y coloring. One light source is typically the best to stick with!


What is in the background is just as important as lighting. So many time we find ourselves in spaces where the bridal party has strewn everything they brought with them around the room. Shoes, dress bags, duffle bags, clothing, food drinks, bras, unmade beds!!! This clutter isn’t appealing so make sure you ask them to keep it neat!

The other part has to do with choosing your location. When getting ready at a church, ask for a room with minimal things on the walls, plain paint colors, and lots of natural light. This is true for grooms too! So often the poor guys get stuck in the room with no windows, fluorescent lights, and big bright murals! We want to make sure that we make visuals for grooms appealing too!

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